Welcome to Madina Palm

Madina Palm is a brand of quality dates, Our vision is to become one of the leading global supplier of quality dates sourced from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The quality and freshness of Madina Palm dates are maintained by ensuring the dates are kept at the right temperature and proper conditions with hygiene being a priority throughout the entire process.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and increase the consumption of quality dates and introduce it into new segment of customers worldwide; offering an opportunity to discover its nutritional values. Madina Palm offers wide range of dates including certified organic dates. Our ultimate objective is to satisfy our clients worldwide, this satisfaction will be reflected into our business growth and expansion.

Our Values


We work with our clients as partners and deal with them in high level of integrity and business ethics.

Committed to Quality

We apply best business practices through souring, processing, packing and delivering Madina Palm products. Furthermore, IDAC MERIEUX NUTRISCIENCES is used to generate reliable analysis reports for Madina Palm products to share it with our customers worldwide.

Value for Money

Madina Palm products are available at a competitive price compare to its high quality, packed in several sizes of packaging in different forms that fit into each market requirement including PP,PET and premium cardboard.




+966 545-034-522


P.O Box 1405, Zip code 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia